4 Reasons Why Planning Helps Save Lives

I am sure you have been told a bazillion (yes I know that's not a real number, but it is now!) reasons why you need to start using a planner. And I have no doubt that they are all very practical reasons... time management, productivity, organisation etc.

I know you also probably think I am a knob for saying that planning can save lives. I clearly do not mean in the literal, your heart has stopped so use a planner to resuscitate, sense. I am talking in a meaningful way, metaphorically if you will.

I want to give you 4 reasons why PLANNING HELPS SAVE LIVES. 


PLANNING Saves Your Sanity

Stress is a major bi-product of a Mums role. It's actually a natural part of life in general but, did you know that planning is actually one of the most effective ways to beat stress.

Fight it (stress) before it even begins!

Rather than just letting things happen and working reactively for everything in your day, plan it and leave reactive thinking for when you really need it!

Planning HELPS Your Memory

She said what now?

Yep, it's true; writing things down can actually help you remember them. 

Typing it into your phone is not going to cut it, it's not the same. Writing something down forces your brain to process the information in more detail, which means it naturally absorb more of it. 

Planning can SAVE You Time

"Ah, no because I have to spend the time filling the darn thing out, Monica!"

Yes, yes you do BUT, by being mindful in how you use your time you will find yourself being able to fit more in and prioritising what actually needs to be done.

Do it for a month, you'll see... I dare you!

Planning Equals Mindful & Intentional LIVES

Until I started writing this post, I didn't actually realise how to true this statement, alone, was.

Not only do you take the 10-15 minutes to stand still an absorb what there is to do for the day or a week, and actively plan how to move forward but, it helps you assess your life.

What you spend the most time on, what you never get a chance to do.

You start to value your time more!

You see on a page that you have only 1 hour to yourself, do you really want to spend it doing XYZ when you could be laying on the tramp with the kids? Or sitting in the tub with a book and glass of your favourite red?


That's my thoughts anyway.

Until next time


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