5 steps to organise your bathroom

Mornings are hard enough, in a family home, between getting the kids up and ready, lunches sorted and school bags packed, you also need to find time to get yourself ready (heaven forbid!). When I started reorganising the bathroom it was to declutter and make it look prettier but since I've done it, it has sped up our morning routines.

If your bathroom is anything like ours was, it may have reminded you of the Bermuda triangle. Even though every morning the routine is the same, brush your teeth, wash your face, do your hair and so on. Without fail, there would be an echoed call from the bathroom, “Muuuum, where’s my toothbrush?” “Muuuuuum, where’s the brush?”.

Everything went into the bathroom and disappeared!

Since reorganising our bathroom and with everything having a place, things are that much easier to find and the morning routine is quicker than it has ever been.

The hardest part was getting the kids into the habit of putting things back where they newly belonged. It has taken a bit of time, and we are by no means mastering it yet, but I can confidently say that the early morning bathroom call outs, have reduced dramatically.

Here are 5 steps to help you declutter and organise your bathroom to make mornings easier!

5 Steps to organise your bathroom cabinets 

Make a plan

As with everything, I suggest to plan, plan, plan!

Look at your counters and plan what you will need to make them clutter free. Find areas in the bathroom that you can utilise for extra storage like the inside of cabinet doors and even the back of the bathroom door itself. Make sure to measure these spaces while your planning, especially if you are looking to use storage tubs/baskets. 

Whether you are a visualiser or a list maker, make a plan of some sort for you to work from. And remember, organising your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go and spend a fortune, you can make use of what you already have at home.


As with most things when reorganising, you need to start with a good decluttering. Take out everything you have and ask yourself these 2 questions.

IS THIS STILL GOOD?  Almost all products that go into a bathroom will have an expiry date, and you’ll be amazed how many you have that may be past its date, make up included. It’s also a good time to look at the products that have a teeny tiny amount left in them and may not be worth saving.

DO WE ACTUALLY USE THIS? It is always hard to say goodbye to items that you hold onto in case you may someday need them or use them (first aid items being an exception to this). Use this opportunity to really purge.

  • Mini shampoo and conditioners/samples. Does anyone actually use these? I have so many and have never used them. If you're the same, get rid of them.
  • Make up. Don’t just cull expired product but also those items you purchased that you thought looked awesome but maybe it's just not your colour anymore.
  • Medication. Now I know I said first aid didn’t count but the exception is expired medications and first aid gear. Keep this up to date.
  • Brushes. Tooth, hair, makeup… all the brushes. Chuck out the ones that are way past useful and those you know you haven’t used in over a year.
  • Razors. I know this seems a bit ridiculous but I actually found quite a few old and rusty razors in our cabinets. Way past the useful, and safe, point.
  • Toys. Get rid of any toys that the kids are no longer using and chuck the mouldy/grimy ones (unless you’ve got the time to clean them up).


Now that you’ve purged, or even while you are purging, sort out the items that you are keeping into categories e.g. make up, hair, first aid, toys etc. This will make the last step much easier.


With everything out of your cabinets and off the shelves, now is the perfect time to give them a good clean and wipe down.

Store and Organise

The order in which you choose to do this, store/organise or organise/store, is personal preference but, hopefully by this stage you have decided what you are going to use to store and organise in your space. Now it is about putting all your keep items in their designated home. It may be a basket, tub, container and/or drawer but the key is making sure that everything has a place, as small as an item as it may be. make sure it has home.

Organising these items can be done in so many ways; you might want to organise by how often you use them or even ease of access for kids.


Finally, and in fact probably the most important, maintaining it! I find one of the easiest ways to do this is labelling. It lets everybody know where they can find something and where they should be putting it back.


For our bathroom reorganisation I opted for baskets in our cabinet and used the top shelf for items that were used everyday or needed to be accessed quickly; hair, teeth and first aid. I left the bottom shelf for items we will need but use less often; sunscreen, insect repellent and product back stock.

We don't use our bath tub so I covered that with melamine and added a shelf which holds all our everyday skin care, deodorants and hygiene products. I use inside the bathtub for our excess storage aka back stock. 

Now I wouldn't say that our bathroom is display home worthy but, I will say that it has made our mornings so much easier!

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