All businesses start somewhere

I have always had a this need to start my own business. I cannot explain what it is or why but I have this need to create something of my own and be my own boss. Heck, I'll be honest, I have even been known to say that I want to be the next Martha Stewart.

The only problem is that I am artistically challenged, ha! Might be a little difficult, I know.

I just can't help it though. I have bounced from one idea to the next and nothing really felt right. Until now. Until I created Ultimate Family Planner. 

The thing is. I speak to so many Mums everyday, and hear all these great ideas that they have. Some have products they want to design, others have amazing skills that think could be a great business idea. The only issue is, that we all say someday. Especially if we are a Mum.

As mums, we tend to put everyone else first and go through all the reasons why we shouldn't put ourselves out there, or why we shouldn't take the risk. And there are so many reasons why we shouldn't, mum or not. 

I say, to hell with that!

Take a risk on yourself. You're worth it!

Start that business you have always wanted to. You are worth it

No, I am not the next Martha Stewart (yet!) but I have started and it feels great. When I see someone using the products that I have designed, I get a rush. When I hear my kids telling someone that their Mum has her own business, seeing the pride in their eyes and hearing the joy in their voice. There is nothing like it.

As I said, I have had many a start ups (none quite like this though) and each time I tried a new idea, I started with very little. In some cases, nothing at all. I worked from a spare room and from our garage.

Yeah it was scary. Yes I didn't know if it would work out. I just had to try.

You've no doubt heard of the huge businesses that were founded in a garage; Disney, Amazon, Apple, Google - just to name a few of the big ones. Everything and everyone needs to start somewhere.

What I am trying to say is that if you have an idea or a need, a desire for financial freedom, flexibility, finding yourself, being your own boss or even if you too want to be the next Martha Stewart - give it a go!

Yes it is scary, and yes it may very well not work out but you will never know if you don't try. Just remember that we all need to start somewhere and start small. Most importantly, remember that you are worth taking that risk for.

Still not sure? That's ok, but did you know that these amazing businesses were started up (or co-founded) by Aussie Women, out of their home or garage?

1. Bumble

2. Red Balloon

3. Easy Weddings (husband and wife start up)

4. Showpo

5. Palmaira Sandals



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