Brag about yourself!

I don't think we talk about how awesome we are. Maybe on the odd occasion but not nearly as often as we should. We talk about how amazing our kids are, how amazing our friends and other family members, but when was the last time you told someone how amazing you were!

Now I'm not saying that we need to become the "look at me" kinda people but, I do think that it is important for our own self confidence to brag about ourselves. When the situation calls for it of course. Oh heck, even when you're alone and looking at all you achieved that day. Maybe even when you are super proud of something you just did. Why not whip out a "DAMN... I am pretty good at that." or even, "Man, I really rocked that...".

I guarantee that in that moment, you will feel awesome. Some of us don't get a lot of moments where we feel great. Always worrying about everyone else, hustling and bustling as we do. Why do we need to wait to hear it from everyone else? We don't!

It is ok for us to feel proud of something we are amazing at. Whether it be baking a cake, knitting a beanie or even organising your kids. There is something in each and every one of us, that we excel at. We just need to remind ourselves, we cant wait for everyone else all the time.

But if someone does say something about how awesome you are, or how something you did was great. Let's be gracious and honest about how damn hard we worked to get there. "Thanks, I worked really hard to get there."! I have no doubt that you did!

This month, pick something about yourself, it doesn't matter how small you think it is, but something you know that you are good at. Every time you do that thing, brag. Brag to yourself, brat to anyone else who should to hear it. You know why?

You're pretty amazing! 


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