How to organise your pantry

I could not be more excited to have the ladies from Store and Order to appear as a Guest Blogger for Ultimate Family Planner. Nicole and Susannah are sisters with a love  and passion for all things organising. 

Today they are giving us tips and tricks for creating a functional pantry that will be the envy of all your guests 

tips on how to organise your family pantry

How to organise your pantry

Pinterest got you thinking about your dream pantry? Well it may not be as far out of reach as it seems. We’ve got some tried and tested tips and tricks that are simple, affordable yet smart and extremely effective in uncovering your pantry’s potential!

What’s your pantry style IQ?

Are you envisioning classic country cottage or a more modern and sleek look? What is your kitchen’s décor like? Think colours. 

This step involves doing some research and making some decisions based on your goals and on your budget. Matching canisters in varying sizes are great as are larger storage options such as baskets, crates and drawers. It’s a smart idea to also measure your shelves height and width to ensure your new storage fits well.

Usually, what and how much of certain storage options you purchase will be dependent on what you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking/making. For example if you are a busy parent with hungry mouths to feed you may spend your Sundays batch cooking and so there may be a call for storage to house a lot of bulk ingredients, or if you are the next Betty Crocker you may find yourself in need of a lot of easily accessible airtight canisters to store flours, sugars etc.

Do you have pantry envy?

Get everything out in the open!

Ensure you’ve got plenty of clear space, easiest on the dining table. Empty out your entire pantry, as you pull out that box of breadcrumbs, check it’s not past its date, otherwise toss it into the trash. You will be surprised at how much food ends up getting chucked, this will most likely send a sense of guilt down your spine but not to worry as you will never waste an ounce of food again as your pantry simply wont allow you to buy another box of breadcrumbs until your shiny new canister is near empty!

This part of organising pantries always gets us excited-not entirely sure why but there is something satisfying about ordering your food items into categories; tinned food, baking, pasta and rice etc.

It’s a good idea to have your new canisters and baskets or other storage set up on the table so that you can easily place packets of food directly on top of them to allow you to gauge which canisters will best suit which foods.

A place for everything and everything in its place…with labels!

You’re almost there! This is the fun part but we wont lie it does take some level of cognition mixed with a little patience as you really need to decide on the best place for your items. It makes obvious sense to place frequently used foods such as breakfast items, tea and coffee and perhaps snacks on the middle shelves for ease of access. 

Larger baskets/crates can be useful on the bottom shelves as they may be heavy; however if you have young chefs in training who like to hide packets of pasta in their toy box, you may think of storing baskets on the top shelves or simply having baskets with lids. It’s handy having a basket or two for ‘backstock’ that way you can stock up on your favourite biscuits when on sale, and never run out of sugar again. 

Labels are a must. You will be so organised! These days many canisters come with their own tags/labels or even the ability to write onto them. You can purchase labels, vinyl labels and tags or even chalkboard type stickers to write on. It just depends on your style; baskets always look great with tags.

Pantry organisation with Store and order, label everything

A little something extra…

Over our time organising in the home, we’ve come across various items that are really useful and make the pantry really work for their families! Not so lazy-susans are excellent at utilising awkward corner spaces or deeper pantries and are great for storing sauces, condiments and cooking oils-everything at your fingertips with a simple spin.

When it comes to storing spices and herbs there are a multitude of options to choose from. From over the door spice racks and tiered spice shelving, there are even options for wall spice storage and inserts for drawer spice storage. There’s something for every-pantry! 

It’s always worthwhile to choose a couple of extra pieces such as a fruit bowl or oil and vinegar carafes and display them on a shelf to add that special touch, of course this is only possible if space allows it and isn’t necessarily going to be the point that makes or breaks your brand new pantry!

Complete pantry organisation

So there you have it! Everything you need to know to make your pantry Pinterest-Perfect! We hope you found this blog helpful and if you are after more storage and organisation spam with new tips for all around the home storage be sure to follow us on Instagram @storeandorder or visit our website if you need a helping hand and we would be delighted to create some order in your chaos!

Susannah & Nicole XX


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