Less Mess Arts and Crafts for Kids

I really do not like craft!

I am not kidding. It's not just because I am artistically challenged, its also because of the mass amount of mess that it creates. I always find myself hovering over the kids; wincing every time I see a clip of paper fall to the floor or a sprinkle of glitter goes off the page.

The problem is, like most kids, mine love building and crafting things. 

So whether you have a beige couch, are a clean freak or just don't want the big mess afterwards here are 7 less messy arts and crafts activities that are as close to mess free as I could find.

7 less mess arts and crafts for kids

1. Moving fish, paper crafting

I love a bit of paper craft! This moving fish is not only great to keep the kids occupied but, it will also provide heaps of fun playing with them after wards. This tutorial even has a YouTube video to help you along the way.

Less mess arts and crafts for kids

2. Suncatchers, 4 leaf clover

The great thing about this activity, is that you can find (or draw) any shape and turn it into a suncatcher. If you can't get your hands on Modge Podge, we have done this activity with PVA glue too. 

Less mess crafts for kids suncatcher

3. Painting in a bag

Super simple and great for toddlers! Make sure you do tape down the bag though, it makes it easier to control the paint and, if you have more than one child at home its easier for them to play together.

No mess arts and crafts for kids - painting in a bag

4. Marbled painting

This is a bit of an addition to the painting in a bag. You can get really sensory with it and things like glitter, sequins and we've even added rice and pasta.

Less mess arts and crafts that kids will love marbled painting

5. Homemade Playdough

Ok, bare with me here. Yes, there will be a bit of a mess when you make the playdough but, after that - there is hours of fun for everyone! Playdough can really occupy the kids and if you are into essential oils, you can sneak in some calming blends to help settle them down too.

Less mess arts and crafts that kids will love - homemade playdough

6. Tissue paper flowers

I absolutely love making tissue paper flowers. In fact, my bouquet at my wedding was actually a giant crepe paper flower!

Less mess arts and crafts for kids - tissue paper flowers

7. Paper climber

This right here is some old school fun. I remember making these as a kid myself and battling it our with my friends as to who's was going to win. Again, there is a bit of set up but it is well worth the entertainment value afterwards.

paper climber low mess arts and crafts


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