Organise your linen cupboard

I am sure many of us would love a Pinterest worthy linen cupboard but, that isn't always practical! I personally love the look of baskets, tubs and tags, carefully categorising each shelf.

The fact of the matter is, that that is not for everyone. Not everyone can afford it and not everyone has the space in their linen press. I for one have an iddy bitty, teeny tine linen cupboard. I have tried so many different sets of baskets and tubs, none of them really worked in the space, or functionally for that matter.

Whether you are looking to beautify your linen cupboard or just organise it better, I have 4 practical tips to help organise your linen cupboard.

Practical tips to organise your linen cupboard

1. Cull your linen

Yep that's right! Make those 3 piles; keep, donate, toss. Keeping in mind that there are many animal shelters that would love to take your tossable (not sure if that's a word) linen, just make sure you check before dropping it off. 

Really think about how many bed covers each person needs. I managed to cull ours down to 2 per person. Keep in mind we are at the stage in our lives now where there is no bed wetting, so we don't need more than one in the wash, one on the bed. I also donated all of our flat sheets because, well... who uses flat sheets? 

Organise your linen cupboard how many bed spreads do you need

2. Sort it out

Now I can't tell you what organisation you need, that's on you ,Mumma. What I can do is give you some idea of what types of categories you can have: Towels - beach towels, bath towels, baby towels, face washers, hand towels (lots of towel options); Bed linen - queen size, king size; single, kids sets, by person, by room, guest linen. I think you get the drift.

You might also find that you have room for other tid-bits from your house such as buckets, pillows, electricals, swim gear etc. 

3. Fold it

I really find that this is key to have an organised and compacted linen press. One of the tricks I have found along the way is, folding the bed spread (doona cover) with the matching pillow case. Then folding it flat and stacking or even rolling the set. This is not only efficient for when you want to grab a clean set but it also reduces the space you use in your linen cupboard.

 Doona covers folded with pillow cases


Also with your towels, putting them in a basket may not suit your needs. Maybe rolling them and string them straight on the shelf works better for your family, it does mine! I found that rolling our towels creates more space in our linen cupboard, it looks very overcrowded when they are folded flat. I also have not been able to find a basket that fits the towels to my liking, and also fits in the cupboard. So no tubs or baskets for our towels for us.

4. Store it

By this time you will have decided how you can and want to store your linen in your cupboard. If they fit in baskets - great! If not, that's ok too. Whatever works for your space. Just make sure you organise the linen press so that things you use most of are easier to access.

Top shelves - store items that are used less often or, that you want to keep out of reach for little hands. My top shelf has all of our electrical cords and items, I also put our overstock supply up there too.

Middle shelves - Reserve these for your bedding and towels. Remembering that if you want the kids to be more independent and to be able to get these things, keep them within reach.

Bottom shelves - This is a good place for heavier items. If its a tall shelf you may even be luck enough to put your wash baskets in there. We have used our bottom shelf as a storage area for all of the bags we have in the house (for sleep overs, events, sports etc), and wet wear (like wet shoes, snorkels etc)


Just remember that it doesn't have to be Pinterest pretty, so long as it works for you. I mean this is what ours looks like. It's definitely not pretty but, it does work for us and the kids can access everything they need to.


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