Pantry Envy Keeps Me Up At Night

I am Monica. I have a problem. I have a pantry problem. A pantry organisation problem. A constantly changing my pantry, organisation problem. Actually, I its like a FOMO thing but with pantries. No, jealous. That's what it is.

I am jealous of beautiful pantries.

I just went through my pantry, again! I say again because its something that I do every few months. I see something someone else has done, in a Facebook Group, and I immediately am envious and try to recreate it in my own pantry.

Given, I live in a rental property and I don't have the amount of space that find myself drooling over. 

I never have. Maybe that's what it is. 

I can't possibly be the only one with pantry envy though, am I? I mean look...



Pantry Organisation, Ultimate Family Planner 2021


@biancamarymiller is giving me all the pantry feels!



Pantry Organisation Envy Ultimate Family PLanner


Ooooh, look at all that space! 



Organised Pantry - Ultimate Family Planner 2021 Family Planner



I mean... do you not dream of this at night?


Does anyone else get pantry envy? 

Do you have a perfect pantry?

Please hop over to our Facebook Group and share your delicious pantry with us! 

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