Talking periods - with my kids

I'm just going to start by saying this is very much a personal opinion piece. I do not judge you for your thoughts and opinions on periods, each to their own. This is just what I think about it all.

I don't understand why periods are still such a taboo topic. The thought of a young lady making light of the fact that she has her period, still gets people offside or uncomfortable. A woman mentioning that she has her period, wow... well that just grosses everyone out.

Guess what?

Women menstruate! Blood from the woman's uterus drips from their vagina a few days (if they're lucky) a month. She might be 8, 12 or even 17 when it starts happening but the thing is, it inevitably will happen.

So why, I ask you, can we not talk about it freely about with no shame?

Why can't we say, " I have my period today." ? What's wrong with not being ashamed of your body and how it works? It's not like we are screaming... "BLOODY IS GUSHING FROM MY VAG, CATCH!"

Over the weekend I reviewed period underwear on IGTV, (for both period purposes and light bladder leakage) and I mentioned that my daughter has her period.

*Insert shocked face, jaw-dropping gasp*

I didn't do it without talking to her, first of all, and secondly... girls, women get their period!

We grow teeth and lose them, some people keep their teeth. Why isn't that taboo?

I understand that there are still some cultural diversities around discussing anatomy and their functions. I also understand that these have manifested into a lot of the issues we have in the modern world of Period Talk - or lack thereof! It has created a lot of shame around the topic and need to keep it all private.

I am not judging anyone else's opinions or feelings towards it one way or another. I just don't understand it.

We are leaps and bounds from when I first got my period. I couldn't even imagine discussing it with friends or even my parents at the time. I actually remember using toilet paper the first time, at 15! (yep, I just told you that)

I didn't tell anyone.

Not a soul! Not even my big sister.

Over the years, conversations flow a lot more freely with my family and friends around the period topic, as well as other previously taboo topics, but even though this was the case I was still worried that my daughter would be too scared, no ashamed, to talk to me about it. Or anyone else f I wasn't around.

One thing I wanted to make sure of was that my daughter was not going to hide her new womanhood, and do the toilet paper wrap around and stuff it into the line of her underwear. I also wanted to make sure my sons weren't squeamish for the sake of their potential future partner, family and friends.

How do I talk to my kids about periods?

I talk about periods as often as possible. When I had it when I didn't have it. I even ask the kids to grab me tampons and liners when I need them.

No that doesn't mean I randomly scream out period, vagina!

Although, the kids were a little shy one day as I walked into the feminine hygiene aisle so I did speak a little louder than normal lol.


I also take the zero privacy in the toilet situation as an opportunity to talk about periods. When any of them barraged through the door and caught me putting a liner or pad into my underwear, I took this as an opportunity to talk about it with them, rather than scream, "CLOSE THE DOOR!"

My husband and I have always had an honest policy with our kids - if they ask about it we tell them, in an age-appropriate manner at the time.

I think periods are no different, so we choose to keep the conversation flowing.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the topic, provided you feel comfortable disclosing any information on it.

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