Setting up family goals

The failure to set goals in my family life, is what I contribute to some of our major pitfalls. I always set personal goals, which included my family, and career goals, which is for my family, but I never actually sat down with the family and set goals for us as a whole. 

With the demand for work and life ever increasing, it is becoming more difficult to get the families buy-in on what I set as my goals. Why wouldn’t I set goals with them? A happy family doesn’t just happen.

Setting a family goal doesn’t need to be a tedious or difficult task but it is a great way to get the whole family motivated and onboard to achieve the same thing.

Are you looking to set a long-term or short-term goal? 

You can have both! Your family buying a house can be a long term goal, which you will also set little bite-sized goals for to help you achieve. You may also want to have a goal for the year, like going to SeaWorld for a week together.

Goals do not have to just be tangible, intangible family goals are just as important!

Something you can buy like a house, a car is a tangible goal. Something you can feel or achieve like empathy, compassion or even something you can experience together is an intangible goal.

Think of what everyone can do to achieve these goals.

Your youngest child may not be able to have the same amount of input as your eldest, and your husband may have more time than you to put into some of the requirements for your goal.


We have created a couple of templates that you can download, to help guide you with your Family Goals. They are simplified for the kids and give you the option of something colourful and customisable or a black and white version (for the kids to colour in) that guides you through some ideas for your goal setting. 

Follow this link to get your FREE download.

2021 Family Goal Planning template


Once you have talked about this you can then go ahead and set up S.M.A.R.T goals with your family.

Check out this post about SMART goals.



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  • Jennifer Albin

    Love love love my planner, the monthly tasks, the blog! Can I suggest getting an editor/friend to read through your content before you post? I find your information and guidance helpful but got hung up on a few grammatical issues with your writing like duplication of words and sentences not making sense.
    Hoping you take this as constructive criticism to help you improve as I dont mean this to be anything mean. Keep up the amazing work!

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