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When and What to Meal Plan

Meal planning isn't as simple as just writing your list and you're done. Initially, you need to put a bit of thought into the process to help you set yourself up for success. In the second post of the series, we cover the When to Plan and What to Plan, to help you Practice Meal Planning.

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Meal Planning, Why? They haven’t starved, yet!

I kid you not. That was my mentality for a very long time. Why should I meal plan? The kids haven’t starved, yet! Until I had the lightbulb moment, while emptying the fridge of all the expired products (on bin night!), that if I had planned what we were going to eat a little more practically, I might not have had so much waste left. And so my meal planning journey began, well to word it a bit better, that is when I started to practice meal planning.  Which is why I had to have Meal Planning pages in the Ultimate Family Planner.  Not just any meal planner would do though!  Yes, ideally you want to know what you’re having...

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