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Brag about yourself!

I don't think we talk about how awesome we are. Maybe on the odd occasion but not nearly as often as we should. We talk about how amazing our kids are, how amazing our friends and other family members, but when was the last time you told someone how amazing you were!

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What if you didn't take your phone to bed?

Does anybody else get stuck into the TikTok whole before bed? You know the one, where you swipe and swipe and just can't stop. It may not be TikTok, for you it could be Instagram or Facebook even. I think you know the one I'm talking about. Our mobile really is our trusty side kick, much like mans best friend. Always there waiting for us, only this time it's under our pillow or on our night stand. You know, just in case we need to make that random 1 am phone call or on the off chance that we get the urge to send a text or an email. All at a moments notice, all within reach. Guilty! I am...

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Love yourself

Mumma, you spend so much time taking care of everyone else. You love so fiercely but, when was the last time you loved yourself? When was the last time you had some me time? Lara, from Elixir Play, has given us 5 amazing tips to help you love yourself.

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