There's more than one person in my family!

I never really understood why planners, that were targeted to families, only had space for one persons schedule.

I mean, I don't know about you but my kids have a better social like than I do (well before COVID anyway) and all the planners I had come across didn't accommodate for that.

I had to carry 2 diaries, one for me one for appointments. I had some appointments in the calendar on my phone, I used a note thingy-ma-bob on there too. I had 2 wall charts at home, to keep track of the kids activities. I had about a gazillion pieces of paper all over the place with things on it that I needed to remembered, and to no surprise, rarely did!

It was all too much, too many things for a mum to bear!

When I sat down and started to design the Ultimate Family Planner I had that exact thing in mind.

I went through so many designed ideas; vertical, horizontal, boxes, no boxes. But the one thing I never strayed from, and actually designed the whole thing around, being able to see at least 4 schedules (ended up being 5) at the one time.

Daily Planning Pages for the whole family

How would that work?

What if I have more than 3 kids?

What if I have only 2?

I was starting to get so many questions about it that I put together a video, on our YouTube Channel, around how to get the most out of your Daily Planning Pages.


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