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Welcome to the Ultimate Family Planner Family Tribe Crew okay, none of them work! 

Welcome, Ultimate Family Planners’ (much better)!

Rather than talking about how amazing the planner is going to be (because it is!), I thought in the first blog post I would introduce myself, Numero Uno UFP (trying to get that to catch on. If you haven’t noticed yet, you will!), and how the Ultimate Family Planner came about.

I’m Monica, I love coffee and cooking! I am not a neat freak but have random spazz outs when the house is messier than I’d like. I am what I like to call a home organiser wanna be (cos I wanna be more organised than I am in the house), with Pinterest boards coming out the wazoo. I am in my thirties, married, and have three beautiful and annoyingly strongwilled children. I’m both an ASD and ADHD Mumma and I’m also a Chronic Illness warrior myself. On top of all of this, I have both control and anxiety issues. 

That about covers it, that’s me in a nutshell. 

It’s the control freak in me that inspired the Ultimate Family Planner really.

Many years ago my husband and I found ourselves in a shitty financial situation. Hubby lost his job. I was pregnant with baby number three and we had lived off the little savings we had had and loaned as much as we could to get us through, but we reached our limit. 

We could borrow no more. We had no more to give, no money, and no hope. We had to organise debt repayments (Part 9 Debt agreement, let me tell you that was a stupid decision! But that’s a conversation for another day), look into money management and all that yuck stuff nobody likes to admit to.

Because of this, we had to move out of our home. Break our lease, pick up our kids, and go. To where? Well, we were effectively homeless. 

We spent a few nights in our family car, we spent many nights couch surfing and inevitably ended up moving in with various family members. On three occasions. 

This was all over a period of 4 years, lots of tears and a wedding. Our wedding! Yes, yes. We had three kids, why weren’t we married already? Well, if you must know we needed to wait until 10 years, then we really knew this was the real deal - haha! No, we just never got around to it or saw the need, but it was a great pick me up and something to celebrate when it felt like there was nothing to celebrate.

Whilst I am so appreciative of the help we received, from our family and friends, over this time I swore I would never allow anything like that to happen to us again. 

Enter control freak!

I managed everything to the nth degree. Who am I kidding, I still do!

I watch our money closely, manage our calendars individually and together, give our children everything I couldn’t in the past and make sure as shit we have a roof over our heads. 

That is how the Ultimate Family Planner came about. I needed it. I needed everything in one place instead of using dozens of different things. And when I went looking, there wasn’t anything like it in the market. So I thought I would make it.

Thanks for getting to know me a little better and my story. Feel free to reach out on our Socials anytime to have chat.


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