Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet

Go into cleaning out your closet with intention - you need a plan! I know, what are the chances that the lady from the Ultimate Family Planner is going to tell you to plan something - ha! It is true though. 

If you go in, to cleaning out your closet, on a whim, you won’t finish. You will end up with a half-assed job and if you’re anything like me, with mountains of clothes on your floor. Promising yourself that you will get to it when you can. Which is rarely ever, because we are busy AF!

Here are 5 sure-fire tips to help you go in with a plan when cleaning out your closet!



What’s the best way to plan our your cleanout? Well, that depends on you. Make a list, draw it up, pin like no tomorrow, visualise. Whatever type of planner you are, use that to your advantage. I’ve been known to literally drawn a picture of my robe and how I want it to look.

Set up your favourite TV show or playlist, a bottle of water and wear clothes you can slip in and out of (so you can try things on if you’re not sure whether they fit or not).

Lastly, be honest with yourself about your current set up. 

Can you fit all the clothes that you have?

Do you need an extra set of drawers or Shelves?

Are you utilising all the space? What about above your cupboards or WIR?

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly affair, you can use things around the house. I have even seen very thrifty people makeshift shelves from boxes. However, if you have the do have the funds for it, invest in good hangers. I have found the plastic hangers just don’t keep certain items on them as well as others. As soon as clothes start to drop off, that’s when I get lazy. 


Make sure the area that you have designated as the clothes zone, has enough space for 4 piles. You may want to use bags, the bed, the floor or even a bit of everything - just make sure you have these 4 piles.

Donate, Dispose, Sell and Keep


Only put clothes in this pile that you would wear or give to another family member to wear. Don’t be giving not for profit organisations your trash to sift through!


Those that you wouldn’t wear, go in the dispose pile. Some people even like to use these for rags around the house just so long as the crap pile doesn’t sneak into the donate pile.


This is a pile that people often don’t think of. Sometimes we spend a little more thinking about keeping some things and we can’t bear to think of letting them go, or donating it because it cost us so much, or was a favourite. Why don’t you give selling it a go? 

Take some pictures, chuck it up on a Buy Swap sell page, or two, and even on Gumtree.


These are the clothes you intend to wear over the next 12 months. The next step will help you with what goes in this pile.


All of it! Every piece of clothing that you have. Lay it all out in front of you. Seeing the enormity of that pile can help give you the motivation that you need to cull that extra item, or 2, that you just weren’t sure about.


Set yourself some realistic rules about the items you’re choosing to keep.

You must have worn it in the last 12 months

Have a set number in mind for each type of clothing; how many blouses do you really need? 

Will that really come back in style? Let’s be honest, some things never should.

If you don’t feel great in it, get rid of it! Work out gear included. Your clothes should make you feel good, not shit!


When you are up to the stage of putting things back into your closet, organise it in a way that you have the things you will use more often easily accessible. If you don’t have a lot of space, put away seasonal clothing. Use tubs or vacuum bags for things like winter coats and such.

For the clothes that you just couldn’t let go of (I know you kept a few!), put them on a hanger and flip it. If the next time you cull the hanger hasn’t changed, its time to say farewell.


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