What if you didn't take your phone to bed?

Does anybody else get stuck into the TikTok whole before bed? You know the one, where you swipe and swipe and just can't stop. It may not be TikTok, for you it could be Instagram or Facebook even. I think you know the one I'm talking about.

Our mobile really is our trusty side kick, much like mans best friend. Always there waiting for us, only this time it's under our pillow or on our night stand. You know, just in case we need to make that random 1 am phone call or on the off chance that we get the urge to send a text or an email. All at a moments notice, all within reach.

Guilty! I am guilty of this! 

But, what if we didn't do this? Like, didn't take our phones to bed?

Everything I have read indicates that it is actually doing us harm, taking our phones to bed with us, that it actually has a big impact on our health.

Don't hate the messenger but, here are some reasons that we should really reconsider taking your mobile to bed.

Why not to take your phone to bed with you

1. Takes longer to fall asleep

Ok, I can't even try to dispute this. It's true, did I not mention the TikTok whole earlier. But the technical reason as to why it takes longer is that the blue light from the screen suppresses our bodies production of melatonin. Which is super important to sleep. It also doesn't help with the next point.

2. Keeps our minds engaged

Checking our phone just before bed actually stimulates our brain. So because of this we are less likely to have a relaxing experience when falling to sleep. Even after we have actually engaged with your phone, our brain is still ticking away. This then delays REM sleep, which I hear is pretty important.

3. You could be waking up fresher

There have been studies which have proven that going going to sleep after using your phone contributes to the groggy, yuck, tired feeling you can get when waking up versus, reading a book. According to this study reading a book before bed can help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Go figure!

4. Health stuff

Yep, the boring stuff. I really didn't want to make this post all about the damage it can do to our health but, if I didn't mention it I think that would be really bad too. There is a long list of things of issues that can come from a lack of sleep, which comes from taking your phone to bed. It is a risk factor for depression, obesity, diabetes and dementia. 

Challenge yourself to not take your phone to bed


I would like to set a challenge this time round, in the blog. Let's take baby steps, and work with a challenge for a week. 


Notepad or use your Ultimate Family Planner (the Planning Pages or even the reflections section for the week)


It seems pretty simple but it is going to be harder than we might thing. It's a two step process. Step one, do not take your phone to bed for one week. Step two, take note of the following:

What time do I recall drifting off? Yes if you don't have a phone or a clock this can be hard, but you will know if you were tossing and turning for ages versus, your head hitting the pillow and that's the last thing you remember. 

How do you feel in the morning? Did you have more or less pep in your step? Did you feel sluggish and gross when you got up or, did you bounce out of bed.

What was your mood like? Has it effected your mood at all? Were you more chipper than usual? Really think about how you have reacted versus how you might of the week before.


There is only one rule, aside from what is listed above. You will need to also not have a tablet or TV (things of the sort) for the week as well to really find out if it makes a difference for you. 


If you feel up for sharing, that would be great! Jump into one of our Facebook Groups to do so, we have two. If you have purchase an Ultimate Family Planner you can access our private group, if you're note yet part of the family you can access our Ultimate Family Planners group. You can even share in the comments below.

I will jump onto this post once I have done my challenge, and let you know how I went and what I noticed.


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