Why we do toy rotation - with Alicia from Play and Grow Together

Ultimate Family Planner is super excited to have Alicia from Play and Grow Together, be our next guest feature on the Blog.

Alicia is a former primary school teacher, who is now stay at home mum. After having her daughter, Amelia, Alicia found Montessori education and has been in love with it ever since!

Alicia writes a blog over on her website, Play and Grow Together, and the Instagram page is filled with amazing Montessori based activities.


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During the long winter months here in Scotland, seemingly made even longer this year by COVID, children spend more time indoors playing. This means that everyone at home is more aware of the importance of independent play and how long your child can stay focused for.

As a stay at home mum of a 2.5 year old (and a former primary school teacher) I know how much of a difference a well designed play space can make on the success of a day! How well my daughter plays means the difference between a happy, tidy house and a grumpy disaster zone! 

I have learnt that rotating her toys makes SUCH a difference in all of our happiness! 

 Play and Grow Together Toy Rotations

Why I recommend rotating toys

  1. It makes old toys new again! When toys and games are put away out of sight for a period of time children don’t think about them (unless of course they are a favourite). This means that when they are rotated out for use they are new and exciting again and not a penny has been spent!
  2. Less is more! Instead of a cluttered, overstimulating space, children (and especially toddlers) benefit from having only a few toys available. If everything is always visible it becomes overwhelming for them and instead of happily settling down to work with one item they often just go around dumping everything out. 
  3. Having less out means there is less for everyone to tidy up!
  4. Children work on different skills and naturally repeat them in order to perfect them! So if a child is working on stacking, twisting or just interested in things that spin it is more beneficial for their development to have out activities which cater to this specific area. It also means that they will be more interested in what is available and stay focused for longer!


I find about 8 toys on a shelf, plus books and other practical life materials (such a small broom or dust pan) is the magic number that seems to work for our family! 

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  • Kori

    As a new mum of a 4.5 month old, this blog was very helpful.

    Christmas is coming up and am stuck for ideas for gifts. My daughter has a large extended family that I KNOW will be giving her gifts and it was overwhelming me just thinking of where I was going to store all these gifts.

    I have a small living area but a large (unwelcoming) sunroof. This blog has given me the information I was looking for.

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