Meal plan magnets for families

Meal Plan Magnets

Our Ultimate Meal Plan Magnets are designed for families which means, not just planning your weekly dinners.

Every weekly meal planner has a dedicated snack section. This gives your kids some independence, and makes packing lunchboxes easier! There's also a notes section for daily reminders and errands, to help get the whole family involved.

Then there's our freezer inventory. Designed to make meal planning easier which in turn will save you time and money. It's all part of working with what you've got when you're meal planning. 

⏰ Save time and your sanity, no more "Muuuuum, what's for dinner" nagging!⁣
🛒 No more mid-week trips to the supermarket!⁣
💲 Save money by knowing exactly what you have!⁣
♻️ Reusable dry erase magnet, is 2 convenient sizes⁣!
✅ Display notes and errands where everyone can see!