About Us

I’m just a mum, sitting in front of a computer telling you I am busy AF! 

Ha-ha! OK, now let’s get serious.

I’m Monica, the brainchild of this specially designed family planner. Designed for busy mums like you in mind!

Just like every mum out there, I am busy; I’m a busy wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee and now I’m a busy businesswoman (he-he, I love how that sounds - busy businesswoman).

As mums, we tend to be a one-woman band; we carry the mental load of the family. Often being the one who has to organise family activities, check everyone’s schedules, keep track of and pay the bills as well as so much more. 

I don’t want to put all Mums in a box or vilify Dads for that matter. It's just the way that it is in the majority of Australian households. IN FACT, it happens whether you are a stay at home mum, working mum or working from home mum.  

It is what it is.

Don’t get me wrong, my family is my life but sometimes it gets a little bit too much to handle for this lone Mumma. 

I was tired of the wall charts, diaries(yes, multiple!), magnets and phone apps, loose pieces of paper with important information written on them, and well... being a walking, talking human planner.

Are you?


Great! Here’s why the Ultimate Family Planner will be your BFF

  • Appointments are easier to remember -  because they can be laid out at a week’s glance
  • You will have separate daily, weekly and monthly views - so your planner will work for you and not the other way around
  • Every family member can have their own column, up to 5 members -  which makes keeping track of the family manageable
  • Monthly challenges for your home, family and yourself -  to both motivate you and help keep you on the wagon
  • Pages for planning holidays, parties, budgets, meals - everything a family needs

I have designed your planner to be functional, stylish and most importantly family friendly! You can leave it at home on a desk, as a point of reference for everyone OR you can take it with you everywhere you go. 

As a mum myself, believe me when I say that the Ultimate Family Planner will make ALL your lives easier.


Whats-more, I designed monthly challenges , with the help of some other busy mums, to keep you and your family motivated and enthusiastic, in taking part in your family’s planning.

You can share your wins, your progress and even vent along with the other Ultimate Family Planners using the hashtags for each month. Your post could be a lifesaverfor another mum, or even just what she needed to hear today.

So stay connected and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Just remember, the end goal here is to GET SHIT DONE!