A4 Meal Plan Magnet
A4 Meal Plan Magnet

A4 Meal Plan Magnet

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Plan out your weekly menu and display it for the whole family see what's for dinner each night, what snacks you want them to have and you still have room for errands (or even a cute little note)!


Our uniquely designed A4 Meal Plan Magnet has a section for snacks too. You can use this for well, you guessed it, snacks OR you can sub it for lunches for the week. Make it work for you! 


Use the notes section to make your family's life easier. Use it for whatever your family needs. It may be chores, reminders, a grocery list or even a cute message to the family. You name it! You personalise it! 


We have set up your A4 Meal Plan Magnet so that you can plan for each day of the week, not just weekdays. I mean... we eat I every day, do you? Plan your menu, display it for the whole family.


No more nagging, no more wondering! The family can see exactly what's on the menu, all by themselves! Not to mention, it comes with a magnetised whiteboard board marker.


Who doesn't go to the fridge in the house? I don't know about you, but ours is used dozens of times, daily! As the whole piece is a magnet, no hard close of the fridge will knock this baby off. 


Use the Ultimate Family Planners' Meal Plan Magnets to help your family work together, which inevitably will take the load off of you.


All our Meal Plan Magnets have a subtle design with gold foil embossing to help accentuate your kitchen decor. And let's face it, meal planning is more fun with a little sparkle.

Check out our Meal Planning Made Easy bundle, if you're looking to master meal planning AND save money


  • This whiteboard is 21cm wide x 29cm high / 8.25" x 11.7" (A4 size)
  • You can write with any whiteboard marker or dry erase marker
  • All Meal Plan Magnets come with a black whiteboard marker, with magnet
  • The easiest way to wipe off your marker is to use a soft damp or dry cloth such as a tissue, napkin, tea towel or whiteboard or dry erase cleaner. It avoids the smudge!
  • The front surface is 100% whiteboard material and you can write on the entire space.
  • The back is 100% magnet, ensuring a firmer stick that will lay flat on surfaces


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